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In the sewrage system the actual asset is pipe and manhole. The cost component of asset is 30 to 35% as compared to the total cost of the system. So the normal RCC pipe is damage due to the corrosions of pipe due to H2s gas which oxidizes to produce H2SO4 which is venerable to concrete. So the best solution here is to lined the normal R.C.C pipe with HDPE which protect the pipe from corrosion. HDPE lining ensure concrete protection for over 100 years.

Sai Concrete Udyog

Driven by technology, Sai Concrete Pipe is a renowned manufacturer of wide range of RCC pipes, manholes chambers, manhole covers and frame. we have expertise to custom design products based on the specification of our customers. We are a professionally managed company with manufacturing facilities .
Being a customer focused organization, we work in close coordination with the clients to understand their requirements and accordingly offer them suitable solutions.

Products Portfolio

We provide quality RCC (Reinforced concrete cements) pipes and manhole systems that are known for their supporting strength. These products can be designed & developed in different dimensions to meet the unique requirements of the clients. Our product catalog includes the following :

  • Manhole Covers & Frames
  • RCC Pipes with HDPE lining
  • HDPE Lined RCC Jacking Pipe
  • RCC Precast Concrete Manholes
  • Precast Concrete Manhole Chambers
  • Precast Concrete Box Colverts
  • RCC Pipes(vertical & spiningcast)