RCC Pipes Vertical Cast

RCC Pipe Vertical Cast From 300mm dia to 2400mm dia ,class NP3, NP4.

HDPE Lining RCC Pipe

RCC Jacking Pipe

ISI Mark RCC Pipe Spining Cast

From 150mm dia to 1800mm dia Class NP2, NP3, NP4.

ISI Mark SFRC Manhole Cover & Frame

S.F.R.C. manhol 560 HD-20 circular
560 EHD-35 circular
600 HD circular
600 EHD circular
600mm * 600mm Square.
G.T. 300mm * 300mm & Drain Cover etc.

Concrete Railling

Precast Concrete Box Culverts

Precast concrete is a construction product produced by casting concrete in a reusable mold or "form" which is then cured in a controlled environment, transported to the construction site and lifted into place.